YMCA Gear is committed to providing you with the highest level of service and respect your right to privacy. We adhere to all privacy legislation in Australia. That means that we will not forward any of your information to a third party / person or company at anytime.


What information does YMCA Gear hold?

YMCA Gear does hold personal information of all customers. This includes name, address, phone number and e-mail address. This is used to validate account details on enquiries and tracking for business purposes. YMCA Gear does not hold on to Credit card details what so ever.  In fact we don’t even see you credit card details.  YMCA Gear does not share or forward any information on to any third parties.


Who has access to this information?

Only authorised employees of YMCA Gear are granted access to member’s information. These employees in turn are only granted access to information that is relevant for their specific function.


To who and when do we disclose this information?

To the customer that is the owner of the information and no one else under any circumstances.

You (the customer) have the right to access your personal details which are kept by us. You will be required to put this request in writing to our Privacy Officer.

We may disclose your details only whene required by law to government or regulatory authorities.

Australia has very strict privacy laws and YMCA Gear will adhere to them.


Your Rights:

If you believe that YMCA Gear has breached your privacy rights in any way, or you would like to discuss any issues about our privacy policy please email our privacy officer.

If you receive promotional material from YMCA Gear, and do not wish to receive it, e-mail us with “remove” in the subject line.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or in relation to your information kept of our system, please contact our Privacy officer.


Security of Your Personal Information

(a) YMCA E-STORE has taken reasonable measures to provide a secure environment for receipt and transmission of information. However, since use of the Hosted Application depends, in part, on third parties (e.g. telecommunications carriers) whose performance is outside of YMCA E-STORE’s control, YMCA E-STORE disclaims all liability for damages arising from the failure of the Hosted Application due to such third parties’ performance. YMCA E-STORE also disclaims all liability for damages arising from the disclosure or dissemination of information during transmission to or from the Hosted Application, although such information shall be encrypted while in transmission. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary express or implied, YMCA E-STORE shall have no responsibility for delays or errors related to the Hosted Application caused by systems or components outside of the YMCA E-STORE network. 

(b) YMCA E-STORE shall, as soon as is reasonably possible, notify Client of any actual, attempted or threatened breaches in security, or unauthorised or suspicious access to the Hosted Application indicating that an individual may have damaged, or intends to damage the Hosted Applications or gain unauthorised access to the Hosted Applications in a way that would adversely affect Client information, including any corruption, loss or mis-transmission of data, or any breach of data security during transmission and storage. In the event of any such security breach, YMCA E-STORE shall perform a root cause analysis to identify the cause of such security breach and shall, on an expedited basis, provide to Client a report detailing the cause of such a security breach.

(c) Client expressly acknowledges and consents to YMCA E-STORE sharing Personal Information provided by the Client with Affiliates and service providers, who may in certain instances be located outside of Australia.

(d) Client expressly acknowledges and consents to (i) YMCA E-STORE transferring and disclosing Personal Information provided by the Client to third party service providers located outside of Australia (including, but not limited to, the United States) to the extent required in providing access to, maintaining and servicing the Products or Services as part of YMCA E-STORE’s information technology arrangements and (ii) such third party service providers storing and processing such Personal Information provided by the Client on servers outside of Australia (including, but not limited to, servers located in the United States).

(e) YMCA E-STORE and Client shall each comply with the privacy laws applicable to such party’s performance of its obligations under this Agreement.

(f) In particular, but without limitation, Client warrants that: (i) Client will only disclose Personal Information about an individual to YMCA E-STORE if necessary for the purposes of this Agreement; (ii) use and disclosure of such Personal Information by YMCA E-STORE in accordance with the terms of this Agreement will not result in a breach of the Privacy Act by the Client or YMCA E-STORE; (iv) Client has obtained all necessary consents or authorisation required under the Privacy Act in respect of any Personal Information provided to YMCA E-STORE such that YMCA E-STORE is able to provide the Services and Products to the Client in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;

(g) Client is responsible for ensuring that if a third party is required to disclose to YMCA E-STORE Personal Information for the purposes of this Agreement on behalf of the Client, or at the Client’s request, such disclosure by the third party complies with the Privacy Act.

(h) If YMCA E-STORE is required to retain any Personal Information by Law (i) the Client has taken all steps to ensure that it is permitted to do so, and (ii) on reasonable notice, and payment of a reasonable charge, YMCA E-STORE will make such information available for inspection by the Client and its auditors.