Y Safeguarding

Childhood is a time to have fun, be carefree, splash around, play games – and the Y is a great place to enjoy being a child. At the Y, Safeguarding Children and Young People is our highest priority, so we want Children and Young People to hear our message loud and clear, we want you to “Feel Safe and Be Safe”.

Offering safe spaces for kids to enjoy being kids is one of our greatest privileges. Whether it’s at a Recreation Centre, an Early Learning Centre, an Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) program, gymnastics or a camp – we offer so many programs and services for Children and Young People – places of connection and belonging.

We always want to see things through the eyes of Children and Young People – to make sure they’re kept safe. That’s why we are committed to truly listening to Children and Young People – and amplifying their voices. We believe in the power of inspired Young People, and for Young People to be inspired they must be safe, and they must feel safe.

Feel Safe, Be Safe at the Y

We have established Y Safeguarding to drive our collective approach to safeguarding Children and Young People and have developed our own Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework which aspires to ensure that all Children and Young People are safe and feel safe at the Y, in their Families and in their Communities. Our Feel Safe, Be Safe Framework aims to develop:

  • A safe culture nationally which empowers Children and Young People by promoting Children and Young Person focused leadership and governance;
  • Safe environments at the Y and in Communities which empower Children and Young People to thrive; and
  • Safe operations to ensure Y People have the right policies, processes and practices to keep Children and Young People safe.